About Us

Distinctive and Bold

My Cozy Home, LLC came into fruition due to a pass-time that my Mom, Sister and I have had for years. That pass-time being visiting beautiful model homes and attending Homearamas in the Virginia area. We truly enjoy observing beautiful homes, nice furnishings and home décor. I have always heard the phrase “Do what you love to make a living and you will never have to work”. That’s what I did. After being in the work-world for over 15 years, I decided to step out on faith and do something that I love. I started Cozy Homes and it affords everyday people to purchase excellent quality products at a price-point almost everybody can afford. I aim to make each home nice and cozy without breaking the bank.
Each order will arrive with a card inside with one of my favorite bible scriptures. I realized early in life from whence cometh my help. So prayerfully, when the consumer receives their product in the mail, they are pleased with their purchase, that the decor adds a warmness to their home and they can read a scripture if they have not read the word for the day.